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Snuggle Up and READ Event #LynnREADS

Whole family enjoying Snuggle Up and Read Day at #LynnPublicLibrary

" I learned that the world can be a much smaller place when you have something to share. I met new people, young and old, who were there for several reasons. Many entire families were there because the parents wanted to help their children achieve success through reading. Others were there because they were going to take home a cuddly blanket or wanted to have some milk and cookies. Whatever their reason for coming, I soon found mine. Books become the universal language that we share. Whether or not the child spoke the same language as me, was not the primary thing that we had in common. It was what was in that book that opened up the door between us. I spent a lot of time with a little guy, with virtually no English who excitedly told me about baseball when he found the book on that subject. He told me about his fondness for painting when he found that he could color the pictures. All of this conversation took place in two different languages. I helped him and he helped me. He followed me around showing me all the books that he was finding and telling me all about them in his language and I would answer the best I could in my language. When he reluctantly left with his family, he smiled, told me goodbye, his way, and I answered him the way I know how and we went our separate ways. So I came away satisfied, with my day’s work knowing that we will do this again to make this world a smaller place for some really special kids and their families."

Mrs. Brown is the lead mentor/teacher at The REAL Program. The REAL Program is one of the organizations who participated in the city-wide @LYNNREADS event yesterday @LYNNPUBLICLIBRARY.


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