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Books—we love 'em!

Donate your children's books... we'll find them a great home.

Children's book character Winnie-the-Pooh is one of the world's most prolific philosophers and he was made from the imagination of A.A. Milne. How pertinent is this quote during COVID times even if you have the ability to read; the resources to have books; the language and literacy to share and time to share it. The statistics of Lynn are staggering. COVID-19 has magnified the inequities in the lives of our neighbors. 

The REAL Program
The REAL Program

As a culture we are doing a disservice to our children but mostly we are doing a disservice to our future selves. It is with this in mind that The REAL Program has focused on the children in Lynn to collect and distribute over 150,000 children's books since our founding in 2013. 


What is our criteria for book donations?


Quality children's books that you would give as a gift to your loved ones. We cannot accept books that are torn, moldy, damaged or incomplete. 

We are unable to accept sets of encyclopedias, text books, religious books or holiday books, adult books, however, we can find you other places for them.


Email us if you have any questions about donating children's books, or use the button below to fill out a book donation form and we will be in touch.

Book Donatin Criteria
The REAL Program
The REAL Program
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