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The REAL Program

Best Practices in Teaching & Learning

REAL helps students practice to become talented and knowledgeable education professionals

The REAL Window to Best Practices in Teaching and Learning is where we are committed to helping students practice to become talented and knowledgeable education professionals. The practical setting of preschool and out of school time will allow university students to observe master teachers or therapists in action. It allows them to take the theoretical knowledge they’ve gained from their classroom learning and put it into practice, setting them on the road to becoming master teachers.


Students of higher education from Essex County, especially North Shore Community College, and Boston institutions will have the opportunity to observe and learn from experienced role models and mentors. They will learn best practices in teaching and learning from master teachers with the intent to make the experience a meaningful, positive one for the students; the children and families; the community; the master teachers and the schools of higher education. This will be a first for Lynn!

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