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What are we doing now?

Jose Reis drew this fabulous masked figure to remind us all to be safe.

Students from The REAL Program are attending school through remote learning and they are REAL students through creating artwork, video meeting with us via What's App and ZOOM. On Patriots Day, mentor Mary Hoar read us Sam the Minuteman. Last week the students received a copy of Donavan's Word Jar and we are building and sharing collections (of words). REAL Parents are attending English classes via ZOOM and getting a grocery delivery once per week with the help of Someone Else's Child.

Because of your generous support, we are continuing our Before Home component with an At Home component of The REAL Program. Our mentors and interns are here to help the REAL families engage in reading, school work, play time and to be mindful of screen time (the biggest challenge). Lots of planning going on! Volunteers and board members are in a strategic planning process to map out the next 10 REAL years! We are updating our website and writing grants. Work is still underway at 17 Atlantic St. Lynn where we are taking steps to open our Starting Small Preschool at The REAL Program (when we can interact in community).

Thank you for your support. It is important for us to be even more creative in our efforts to provide literacy and resources to children and families who are our neighbors, friends and loved ones.

With our thanks for all you have done for us,

Jan Plourde Executive Director

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