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#REAL thanks to all who support The REAL Program.

Thank you #glenurquhartschool. Kelly's Roast Beef, Don Kelley, #pocketchangeTRIO, #DJ Jim, XO photo, @northshorebartenders, @kevincarey, #rachelshwartz, #Petersons of Gloucester, #Starbucks of North Beverly, Kappy's Liquor of Peabody, Merchant Liquor of Danvers, LIMA Design, @DSgraphics of Lowell, Narayan Plourde, Therese Martin Melden, #Northreadingtransportation, Brio Integrated Theatre, and all the incredible families, friends, neighbors, college classmate, board members, volunteers, interns, mentors and more. It was especially meaningful to have NANA with us last night.

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