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What The REAL Program means to Families!

The Real Program has been a blessing for us. There are many reasons why we send our son, Manny, to the program. However, the reason that is probably most important to us is that we feel completely comfortable knowing that our son is in a safe learning environment. In the past we had looked at other after school programs in the area, and we noticed that education was not really a concern. The children at these other programs were running wild with minimal supervision, and no structure. Many of the children were using language that was inappropriate, and appeared to have little to no understanding of the word respect. We love knowing that the staff, and the children that go to The Real Program share the same family values that we do, and we don't have to worry that our son will be exposed to behavior that is not accepted at our home. We are so grateful to have The Real Program and the staff, without it our son would probably not be able to read as well as he does. 'Thank you, Manny & Tricia Gasca

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