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Tribute to Mason Silva Book Give Away with The REAL Program in Lynn

Recently, the family of Mason Silva delivered the most incredible gift of beautiful new children's books to The REAL Program as a tribute to their little boy whose life was cut short by childhood cancer. Mason's family orchestrated a collection of children's books to share Mason's love for having someone read to him. This Thursday, 7/23, please join us at the Lynn Farmer's Market in Central Square at 11:00 for the Tribute to Mason's Free Book Give Away. The REAL Program is honored to help this family give away nearly 2,000 children's books. The REAL Program and Lynn READS are giving away books at the Farmer's Market every Thursday and at St. Stephen's Food Pantry every Friday. The Lynn Farmer's Market and The Food Project is open from 11:00-3:00. Please join us!

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