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The REAL Program as Seen by Others and the Children

Both adults and children are very respectful. This is viewed by the people involved as more than a service. Everyone is appreciative and enthusiastic. The children are energetic and well-behaved. I have no concerns for the safety of the building The program is very organized and compassionate.

Lyssa Anderssen, administrator

When the children were asked why do they come to The REAL Program, the following are some of their answers:

  • To have fun (Boy, age 7)

  • To get books and to have fun (Boy, age 9)

  • I like drawing, reading, having fun, making new friends and meeting new people. (Boy, age 10)

  • To play with friends (Girl, age 6)

  • To play Legos and to read (Boy, age 6)

  • To have fun. To learn a lot..alot of fun! (Boy, age 6)

  • It feels safe here. (Girl, age 10)

My children love attending The REAL Program and look forward to it every year. REAL is a place where children can learn while having fun; REAL is where friendships are made. REAL is home.

Mellie Traore, parent

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