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#REAL #Puppets at the Lynn Public Library with #Judith #O’Hare

Judith O’Hare, a board member of The REAL Program, will present a puppet show on Saturday morning, 5/31, at 10:00 at the Lynn Public Library as part of the celebration of reading in the month of May. This event is offered as a collaborative of Lynn READS and the Lynn Public Library.

JESSICA’S FRIENDS is a participatory puppet play presented by Judith O’Hare of the YOU AND ME PUPPETS and your children. It is a full theater production that includes children from the audience who manipulate rod puppets and marionettes within the context of the story. It is designed for young children aged 3-9 and presents ideas and concepts that are part of the early childhood and early primary experience.

The story is about a princess who wants a friend. She “wishes” for a friend and her mother tells her that she will “command” someone to be her friend. BUT when her toys come to life, she learns from them that “ You gotta be a friend to get a friend”. You can’t just “ wish” for a friend or “ command” a friend. You have to care and you have to share.

All kinds of activities, books and fun will be available for children in addition to the puppet show: West African Drumming and Singing will give “reading a voice” in the city this Saturday..HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US!

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