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REALSTREAM2017 has already evolved to be REALSTREAMS2017 in our first 6 days of the summer session. The extra S on the end include sports. The students have enjoyed the chance to play volleyball on the lawn, basketball in the gym, climbing trees, making stick figures, visiting the library and making friends. The photo above shows them writing about basketball in their journals.

Music director and REAL Board member Dara VanRemoortel is leading the music component to reflect the experience of this summer's fun. The North Shore Community Baptist Church in Beverly is our primary summer home. This week we will be housed at St. John's Episcopal Church in Beverly Farms. On Thursday, we go to the beach!

Outdoor educator Victoria Hackett treated us to making REAL stick figures with natural materials, clay, pipe cleaners, felt and wiggly eyes.

English Classes for Parents

English classes, taught by experienced ELL teachers and assistants, are offered four days per week with a few exceptions. The parents who attend the English classes are getting reinforced with their English as kitchen helpers to provide breakfast, lunch and snacks. The food comes from donations from My Brother's Table, St. John's Episcopal Church and private individuals. Do you like to cook for large, hungry groups?

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