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What a Summer We Have Planned!

An All New Summer Experience that combines Literacy, Art, Science, Engineering, Math and Technology. We will leave the Brickett School at 8:30 am and return to the Brickett School at 1:30 pm. Students will be provided breakfast, snack and lunch each day. The program is held in a beautiful setting that includes indoor and outdoor space at North Shore Community Baptist Church, Beverly where children can climb trees, play lawn games, play basketball or do art/crafts and REALSTREAM activities. The many field trips and on-site enrichment activities cover all aspects of the curriculum with a base of literacy and community building.


The REAL Program seeks to combine STEM with Literacy and the Arts for children from Brickett School community who are thirsty for hands-on experience (REALSTREAM2017). REAL is Reading, Educational Assistance and Learning. STREAM is Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Math. Literacy is at the heart of all of these components. Young engineers will be encouraged to use their natural curiosity to build and program with materials specifically designed for their age and developmental level. The young artists, actors and directors will be encouraged to create the story of the REALSTREAM experience by creating the REAL"news station" that will be available on a private Facebook or Vimeo account. This elementary robotics experience introduces students to the engineering design process as they build and program with standard LEGO bricks and a programmable LEGO brick to help them gain exposure to hands-on, open-ended design projects. First, students will focus on stable building and an introduction to programming. Then, students will work on a project to be shared via videotaped progress from the first week to the sixth week and posted for parents/children to view.

English Classes for Parents

English classes, taught by experienced ELL teachers and assistants,will be offered four days per week with a few exceptions.


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