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#REAL Collected and Distributed over 10,000 Children’s Books

The #REAL Program has successfully collected and distributed over 10,000 children’s books and worked with over 100 children (and their families) in just over one year since it was established in July of 2013. With the help of the donated minivan called THE #REAL MOBILE we are able to pick up and deliver gently used children’s books. What is the need?

The mandate is for children to be reading at or above grade level by grade three, however, we have observed that children can not get excited about reading if they do not have books to read! The #REAL Program provides books. The next obstacle is how do children read books when they literally have not had any experience with books at a library, at a book store or in their homes. The #REAL Program provides the support that children and family need to experience selecting a book and treating like it is an old friend through our programs. We would especially like to thank the Harborlight-Stoneridge Montessori School in Beverly for their providing a large supply of gently used children’s books over the summer months. Most of the books have made it into the hands of children in and around Lynn, however, some have made it to other communities, too. All have been greatly appreciated!!


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