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Readocity App to be Shared at The REAL Program

As a parent of two young children now 8 and 6 Vidya realized the problems a busy household with two working parents have in raising young readers. It was hard for parents to have conversations around books read at school with kids. Paper reading logs were either lost or arrived too late to have exciting conversations around books read and daily reading activities. Also busy working parents were clueless on what books to buy/rent to engage their readers. All this was resulting in kids losing interest in reading and resorting to screen time and just dropping out of reading. Having worked in technology for 15 years, Vidya knows this problem can be solved through technology. With an easy to use mobile app, we can keep parents and educators (or any party interested in developing the child as a reader) up to date on reading activities so both parties can follow the child and their reading. Through the app, we can also push curated recommendations to parents and teachers so we can raise happy readers and support school systems in their mission for literacy. Readocity is a solution for school systems PreK-12 and is already adopted by a few schools as a tool for reading and literacy.

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