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What We Did This Summer At The REAL Program!

We gave out books at Lynn Farmers Market in a tribute to Mason Silva. Thank you to the family of Mason Silva for collecting all the books for children.

  • We had visits from authors and illustrators!

  • We gave out books at the Lynn Farmer's Market

  • We went on a bus to the Book Shop of Beverly Farms and St. John's Episcopal Church where we had a snack on the lawn and had a teddy bear picnic at the shop.

  • We bought our own brand new book!We had music with Dara van RemoortelWe created art, more art, even more art with Svenja, Pat and Melody

  • We created a raised box garden and planted vegetables and flowers

  • We made water walls with Victoria Hackett

  • We played chess, checkers, mancala, HeadBandz

  • We went to Red Rock Park

  • We met friends from Govs Plus

  • We met friends from Spain, Germany and ALL OVER THE US!

  • We played Four Square!

  • We had English classes.

  • We read books!

  • We wrote stories.

  • We did our summer reading for school

  • We visited Salem State University! What a great library!

  • We took a train from Lynn to Salem and we went to the Peabody Essex Museum!

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