About The REAL Program...



Lynn, MA is a city that 100,000 people call home, where there are 56 languages spoken. There are 22 public elementary schools and only ONE public library. Most of the schools do not have school libraries due to the need for classroom space. Only 50% of the children in Lynn attend preschool before they enter kindergarten. The needs of these children are apparent...


Enter The REAL Program, a non-profit which works to address literacy issues by providing books, homework assistance, healthy snacks and dinners, enrichment opportunities, college campus visits and just plain healthy fun to children in a safe, caring environment (plus English language tutoring for their parents!)​

How We
Do It

The REAL Program’s activities are made possible through a service-learning model designed to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for retired teachers and professionals and quality service-learning opportunities for high school and college students. Through the collaborative efforts of many individuals, The REAL Program is making a difference in the lives of children. 

Our Progress 

Since 2013, we have collected and distributed over 125,000 children's books in Lynn! We have built & placed over 40 bookshelves or little free libraries in the community. 

We are making REAL progress!

Introducing the REAL Literacy Teacher Award!​

REAL wants to recognize Literacy Teachers in Lynn with a cash award! Students of any age are invited to nominate the teacher that inspired them to love reading and writing through a short video. Any student of Lynn schools is eligible to participate, nominating an elementary school teacher. Go HERE for more details. 

Interested in being involved as a donor, partner, or advisor? We want to hear from you! Click HERE for more info!

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